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     ~ Thomas Jefferson
Therapeutic Services
Our practice provides outpatient assessment and therapy services for children, adolescents, adults, seniors, couples, and families for most emotional, behavioral, and relational problems.  We understand that when you are investing your time and resources into managing your most difficult life circumstances, you expect a knowledgeable and experienced professional to guide you through the process.  Your psychologist will initiate the therapeutic process with a diagnostic assessment to provide a comprehensive understanding of your situation, and will tailor your sessions toward the goal of an efficient and effective therapeutic experience.  Your therapeutic services will be a collaborative effort with your psychologist, and will be as individualized as you are.
Millions of dollars are invested each year in researching the most effective procedures to provide relief for emotional, behavioral, and relational problems.  Our practice offers clinical psychologists specifically trained to provide these research-supported procedures, and your psychologist will assist you in understanding and applying the research to your specific situation.  People are complex, and your problem or life situation will receive the personalized and individual attention that it deserves.  Our practice does not use counselors, social workers, or testing technicians for any portion of your services, and your therapeutic services will be personally provided by a doctoral clinical psychologist from start to finish.  Our practice has committed psychologists who plan to remain with our practice for the foreseeable future, to minimize the frustrating experience of having to keep changing therapists and feeling like you are starting over each time.  Whether your situation is a sudden change in your life circumstances or a long-standing problem that isn't getting better, our psychologists have earned their reputations providing the knowledge, skills, and support that people need to make enduring changes and solve problems, manage their emotions, and develop stronger, more satisfying relationships.
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Our office location is discrete and you should bring the "Map and Directions" with you to your first appointment so that you can easily locate our office.  When you arrive, you do not need to "check in" with anyone (there is no administrative window in the waiting room).  Just take a seat in the waiting room and your psychologist will greet you at the appointment time.
Your privacy is one of our primary concerns.  Your treatment information is protected under federal, state, and professional practice laws, and your treatment information is protected under doctor-patient privilege.  No information will be released from our office regarding your participation in services without your written permission (except in extremely rare occurrences mandated by law).  HIPAA laws regulate health insurance companies, so that any information that we have to provide for payment processing requires that health insurance companies maintain your treatment information as private and confidential.

MacGregor BHS does not have psychiatrists, and we do not prescribe or monitor medications, however, we will request your permission to collaborate with your prescribing physician or psychiatrist.