Forensic Evaluations
Forensic evaluations are psychological evaluations that are conducted for the purposes of assisting the court system with making legal decisions.  MacGregor BHS offers the full range of forensic evaluations for adults and juveniles:
  • Sexual Violence Risk Assessments
  • Competency to Stand Trial
  • Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity
  • Not Criminally Responsible
  • Diminished Capacity
  • Malingering
  • Pre-Sentencing Evaluations
  • Violence Risk Assessments
  • Attorney consultation services
About our Forensic Psychologist.  Amy Taylor, PsyD is a forensic psychologist licensed to practice in Maryland and Pennsylvania.  She has performed more than 300 forensic evaluations and has been qualified as an expert witness, providing testimony in both District and Circuit Courts in seven county court systems.
Dr. Taylor graduated from the doctoral program at Loyola College in Maryland, completed a 2 year forensic fellowship, and held previous employment through Springfield Hospital's Office of Forensic Services.  She provides forensic evaluation and attorney consultation services in Pennsylvania and Maryland.